Automate Your Wellness Biz

Learn how to automate and elevate your wellness business!


Are you DONE dealing with...

Confusion over how to set up your Practice Better

Repeating the same things to clients over and over

Having too many emails & having to respond to them 24/7

Having multiple different systems for your business

Hi, I'm Nicole!

When I started my business back in 2017, I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing. I had a health and life coaching certification and was more clueless than ever.

What completely changed my business wasn't spending $10k+ on a business mentor, it was automating Practice Better so that I could spend less time on tasks and more time marketing and enrolling new clients into my programs.

2021 was my first six figure year as an entrepreneur, and it was also my first year as a Mom. I can tell you first hand how difficult it is trying to run a business that is not automated with a baby at home!

I went from being a burnt-out Nutritionist to freeing up SOO much of my time while earning more $$$!

Now I want to help you do the same!



Automate Your Wellness Biz

Learn to automate and elevate your wellness business!

✔️ 8 modules

✔️ Instant access

✔️ Templates & resources

 ✔️ Bite size video tutorials

✔️ Access to all future updates

✔️ Guest experts


"Just the snippets module is worth the price of the whole program."

"WOW NICOLE, where was course a year ago when I was just starting out!?!?!? Just the snippets module is worth the price of the whole program. I know PB has tutorials but I love how you set this up from the viewpoint of a practitioner and gave us so many resources. So grateful for this and just wanted you to now, thank you so much!"

- Jenny, FNTP

Course Modules

This is NOT just tutorials - it's so much more! You get done for you forms and waivers, lab report of findings, snippets, step by step instructions on how to set up your signature program and so much more!

You will also learn how to elevate your business with lessons on branding, marketing, reels, money mindset and more!

Every module includes video(s) and resources. This is EVERYTHING I wish I had when I set up my Practice Better! No more guess work or googling, everything is laid out for you to set up a successful, automated business on PB!

Getting Started

The key to any successful business is finding a niche and getting clear on who your dream client is. In this module we will make sure you are clear on who your dream clients are and the best way you can help them.

Setting Up Your PB Account & Branding

Let's start with the basics & make sure your PB account is setup properly. We will also go through how to easily setup branding for your business.

Services, Packages & Programs

Work less + earn MORE with packages & programs!! I will walk you through exactly how to set up your packages & programs so you can start earning more $$$!

Automate PB

This module is packed FULL of amazing tutorials to help you easily automate your PB account which will save you SOOO much time!

Working with Clients

In this module I walk you through the best way to communicate with your clients and ensure they have an amazing experience.

Guest Experts

Amazing masterclasses to help you ELEVATE your business to take it to the next level. You do not want to miss these masterclasses!

Done-For-You Content

Who doesn't love done-for-you content?! I have done the hard work for you and created a program template so you can get your program online & start earning money from it sooner!!

Other Resources

Resources that will help you in your business.


"Tasks and protocols that used to take hours of frustration take me minutes to do now."

"I was fortunate enough to get access to Nicole's Practice Better Course before she launched it and OMG you guys - this is literally everything you need to build out and automate Practice Better. I have been bogged down with daily tasks for months and I wish I had this course sooner. Tasks and protocols that used to take hours of frustration take me minutes to do now. She even shows you how to use leadpages to set up landing pages and webinars and gives you tips for branding and Instagram in the course! Don't walk, RUN and buy this course now to save yourself soooo much time and frustration!"

- Kristen, FDN-P & Holistic Nutritionist

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”Hi! I just wanted to send you a message because I bought your course the week after finishing FDN, and I just got my first GI Map back. Because of the snippets you provided in the course, my GI map interpretation took me 6 minutes!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how much time I just saved - I totally thought that the lab interpretation was going to be super time consuming. Now I will be able to take on more clients too and make more $$ because of this system. Thank you!!"

- Jenn Cino, FDN-P

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  • FDN Advanced Hormone Course
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